CIAI has a long story to tell. Thanks to its activities, thousands of people have met all over the world during its long life .
In 1968, a group of families has believed in a revolutionary idea and it has put efforts into spreading it. A child born far away, with different face features and skin color, can be welcomed like a son by two adults who will become his parents.
From this idea CIAI was founded. In Italy and in many other countries, there wasn’t a law to rule inter-country adoption; this will be the first and the most important goal for CIAI.

CIAI founders’ thought has been, in Italy, the driving force of the growth of that idea in the society and within governments. Law No 184, which rules for the first time inter-country adoption in Italy, was enacted in 1984. In 1998 this law was changed with law No 476 which ratified the Hague Convention on the safeguard of minors and co-operation in the field of inter-country adoption.

CIAI has been a datum point for Italy, where, in 1996, it founded the first Coordination of entitled authorities to inter-country adoption, and for Europe where it co-founded, in 1991, Euradopt, the network of the most important European organizations in the field of inter-country adoption.
Giving priority to the interest of the child, CIAI has decided to enlarge its activities to all children whom rights are not respected.

In 1998, keeping the same acronym, CIAI changed its name; from Italian Centre of Inter-country Adoption to the Italian Center for Aid to Children.

Moreover, in 2000 CIAI was recognized by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs as an NGO, Non-governmental organization for development.
CIAI has been keeping growing in its structure and numbers, always with a great attention to the quality of its work; in fact only with care and strictly precision of management it is possible to truly safeguard children interests.

In 2005, CIAI was the first Italian Ngo who had had the reliability certification of its social report by the SGS S.A. – Société Générale de Surveillance.
In 2006, CIAI was one of the first 5 organizations who take part to the Italian Institute of Donation (IID) because its activities are congruent with the principles of the Italian Donation Paper for its transparency and right use of collected funds.

CIAI has been growing, not only in its structure but also in thoughts, in fact it has never ended questioning about new future challenges.
In 2008, in Venice was held an international congress organized by CIAI called “Scenario and challenges on inter-country adoption”, whose documents was published in 2009.

After about 50 years, CIAI has been keeping walking, open to changes and never sat on results.