Paola Paola Crestani is President since 2011. Member of CIAI board since 1999, vice president from 2008 to 2011. Email Twitter @crestani_paola




valeria 1

Valeria Rossi Dragone is honorary President since 2011 and was President from 1987 to 2011.



alessandro mele

Vice President: Alessandro Mele, lawyer, adoptive parent. Member since 1999.
Before taking part to the CIAI Board he supported the CIAI activities in our offices in Puglia.



Treasurer: Maurizio Zoè, syndacalist, CIAI supporter, is member from 2004.
He take part to the first sponsor travel in Burkina Faso in 2002. Since than he never give up support CIAI. He has created a group of volunteers in Turin.

Foto CIAI CasamentiMember of board: Maura Casamenti, risk manager in a banking group, adoptive parent of 3 children is member from 2007. She’s interested in issues related to the world of school.

Member of board: Paolo Limonta, primary school teacher, adoptive parent, member since 2000.  Children are at the center of his interest. He dedicate to them most of his time and spare time.

lucia castelli 2Member of board: Lucia Castelli, was born in India, adopted by CIAI in 1986. She always support CIAI, beliving in its values and becoming a volunteer. She works as educator for children and adolescents in need.



fabrizia sepeMember of board: Fabrizia Sepe, teacher in pension, adoptive parent, member since 1998.
Coordinator of a volunteers group in Rome is an important support in our office in Rome.



FOTO-CIAI-RAMBALDIMember of board: Enrico Isacco Rambaldi Feldmann, University teacher in pension, CIAI supporter, member since 2003. After visited our projects in Burkina Faso he involved Tipà BaYam, an association he created with a group of friends, to support important projects in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cambodia.



Copia di Foto PasqualeMember of board: Pasquale Floro,  47 years old. Sales consultant he wants to partecipate to new and old CIAI projects.