Child Protection Policy

The overall goal of this policy is to promote, protect and fulfill children’s rights to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence.  The policy outlines practical steps to increase CIAI’s capacity to manage and reduce risks of child abuse associated with delivering aid activities. While it is not possible to eliminate risk entirely, much can be done to reduce opportunities for child abuse.

CIAI is implementing a policy because it has a Duty of Care to ensure children are protected from harm. Duty of Care is a concept that refers to the responsibilities of organizations to provide children with an adequate level of protection against harm.

CIAI aims to be a CHILD SAFE FRIENDLY ORGANIZATION, meaning that respects, protects and values children, welcomes their ideas and listen to them. CIAI believes that valuing children, an organization is much more likely to protect them. CIAI takes a preventive and participatory approach in protecting children from harm.

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