Burkina Faso

Direct beneficiaries
More than 3,000 children, over half of whom are primary-school girls.

Almost 100 secondary-school female students.

Burkina Faso is among the poorest countries in the world, with a low development rate and uncontrolled demographic growth.

Poor infrastructure (schools, hospitals, roads, housing) and scarce resources and investments to create a better future.

In the education sector, especially crucial in rural communities, high school-dropout percentages are recorded.
More often than boys, girls have to give up school to help their families or prematurely get married and become mothers.

Being excluded from the empowering opportunities that school can offer, they are deprived of their rights while still in their childhood.

CIAI’s work to promote these girls’ schooling is the first step towards protecting them.

What we want to achieve
Girls who can access schooling just like boys.

Girls who are not discriminated against in their families, schools and society.

Girls who are aware of their potential and of their rights.

What we do
We create the conditions for minors (especially girls) living in the villages where we operate to access education.

We ensure that all pupils are provided with school materials and canteen food.

We organise yearly medical check-ups in local health centres.

We financially support families by covering the costs of education and any extra medical care that may be required.

We promote an improvement in the educational sector by supporting teacher training and we ensure that sport and recreational activities are provided.

We carry out repairs to school infrastructure.

Through the development of a database of the school-age civilian population, we monitor the direct effects of our work and examine the outcomes to optimise our future actions.

Department for National Education and Literacy – Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale et de l’Alphabétisation (MENA)
Provincial Directorate for Preschool Education
Basic Education Districts of SABOU1, SABOU”, THYOU e POA
Mayors of SABOU, THYOU e POA
Health District of Sabou
Parent associations (AP/AME) of the schools benefitting from the project