Pailin Province, Cambodia

Direct beneficiaries
3086 pupils, over 50% of whom are girls
180 teachers, 130 student council participants (50% of whom are female)

In Cambodia the phenomenon of children who are left on their own as a result of their parents’ emigration is an emergency. In the Province of Pailin, near the border with Thailand, the subsistence economy based on agriculture often cannot support families, hence emigration has become the only way to find the necessary resources.

One of the most immediate consequences of this is that the children drop out of school.
Cambodian schools still have to make many improvements to ensure that all boys and girls have equal opportunities of accessing the school system and equal support to finish primary school.

In a complex context such as that of the Pailin Province, girls are the most vulnerable, because they are the first ones to have to drop out of school to fill the void left by their parents.

From CIAI’s perspective, creating the conditions that will enable these girls to go to school is the first step towards protecting them.

What we want to achieve
Reduce school dropout in the Pailin Province, with special regard to girls.
Improve the quality of the school system by implementing active participation methods.

What we do
We work to ensure that pupils take an active part in their education through the implementation of a “child-friendly” approach.
We provide a basic school kit to all the boys and girls who cannot afford it.
We initiate school enrolment campaigns involving the entire community.
We organise sports and recreational activities involving parents.
We carry out repairs to schools, such as the dilapidated Pangrolin School, located in the jungle.
We draw up a “vulnerability map” by identifying the locations where children are most likely to drop out of school.
We support the training of teachers and provide them with useful teaching materials.
We organise seminars on children’s rights for student councils and members of the community.