Bounkani Region, Ivory Coast

Direct beneficiaries
850 primary-school and 95 nursery-school children (over 50% of whom are female)

In 2011 Ivory Coast was devastated by a civil war that had dramatic consequences for the population, especially for children.

The Bounkani Region is one of the poorest in the country: 60% of inhabitants live below the poverty line (the national average is 46.3%).

Schooling is compulsory and free, but widespread poverty prevents a lot of children, especially girls, from accessing education.
There is a lack of state resources to provide the minimum school kit required to attend primary school, hence a lot of families give up the idea of sending their children to school or decide to give the chance to study only to some of them, prioritising sons over daughters.
Girls who are excluded from the school system are destined for the traditional role of taking care of brothers and sisters, for marriage and premature pregnancies.

CIAI’s work to promote these girls’ schooling is the first step towards protecting them.

What we want to achieve
Girls who can access schooling just like boys.
Girls who are not discriminated against in their families, schools and society.
Girls who are aware of their potential and of their rights.

What we do
We guide minors, with special regard to girls, through their primary education thanks to a distance support programme implemented in 7 schools in 7 different villages.
We guarantee all pupils a basic school kit (books, pens, pencils) and healthcare.
We ensure all pupils eat in the canteen.
We invest in the training of teachers because of their central role in children’s development.
We offer training activities to guarantee quality teaching.
We monitor children’s health through periodic medical check-ups.
We support farming activities so that parents contribute towards the running of the school canteen.
We organise, in communities and country villages, awareness campaigns about childhood rights, hygiene, health, sex education and child exploitation.