There are several ways to support CIAI, Programs that can get you close to the children we work with.
Programs that let you support a child or a group of children that live with or far from their mothers. You will receive pictures and periodical updates. Your commitment and duration depend on the program you choose to subscribe. Picking some of these program will make you able to give your support in shorter periods and with less expense compared to the traditional child sponsorship.

One for All – You will support a program that aims at several children. One of them will be the Witness: his story is exemplar of the environment in which the project works.

Support in Italy – Children in need get closer everyday, like the ones of Stadera Educational Center in Milan. Subscribing this project you will support a group of children, and you will receive pictures along with periodical updates.

The Big Guys – We call them this way. Grown up boys and girls that need support to complete their education. Instruction must be guaranteed also to who is no longer a child. He has to be helped and supported! Subscribe and sustain a kid in high school or college. You will play a leading role in the definition of this boy’s future

School Register – support a School Class and/or after school activities in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia or India.