The values our activities are based on, are linked to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on the 20th November 1989.
For us, Development is to act for the safeguard of all children, in Italy and abroad, wherever their rights are violated or in danger. We have been addressing our activities to help children, with a particular attention to the safeguard of little girls.

With sponsorship program we ensure schooling, helping the fight against illiteracy and preventing child labour. Our sponsors’ loyalty allows educational programs, education and professional training. With about 6000 Child Sponsorships, we can now ensure a sponsorship to just as many families.
With inter-country adoption, we have been looking for Italian parents for children who, all over the world, are abandoned and for whom there are no real possibilities to recover the family of origin or there is no way to intervene in their country.

For us, the development of a Child Culture is a real commitment to build a world with at the base the respect of children, no matter where they were born. It is for this reason that we have given a boost to the question, pushed for interventions, asked for debates and spoken out against the market visions of the inter-country adoption.