To CIAI is important to point out to institutions and public opinion the themes we work on in Italy and the world, related to promotion and protection of childhood rights, trough specific actions; These actions are promoted, coordinated and fulfilled mostly by Study Center, located in our office in Milan
CIAI thinks it is essential to invest in the reflection on basic children and kids rights by promoting actions that put the child in the middle, trough:

  1. Promotion of actions of awareness rising both on a social and institutional level;
  2. Organization of national and international events of exchange and debate with other institutions
  3. Partecipation to roundtables both international– EurAdopt – and national – CRC Group; Pidida; Gruppo di Coordinamento della Consulta delle Associazioni del garante dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza that operate on monitoring the carrying out of Convention on the Rights of the Child in Italy and the commitments took by our country regarding the protection of children and kids;
  4. Research and publication of texts about the most up to date questions related to promotion of childhood rights