The protection of children’s rights is put into practice in the areas where CIAI intervenes. In 2014, CIAI’s interventions have been extended to 11 countries (China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Italy, Colombia), reaching more than 75,000 direct beneficiaries among children, women, parents, communities, institutions and civil society organizations, by means of 43 development projects. About 130 people have worked on these projects, including local and expatriate staff.


The groups CIAI addresses to are:

  1. Vulnerable children: children living outside their families or at risk of abandonment, socially or economically marginalized; disabled, belonging to ethnic minorities, migrants, dispersed, working children and street children.
  2. Women, who are often change agents and rights’ tutors in their communities.
  3. Biological, extended, foster families.
  4. Local communities, civil society institutions and organizations, since the environment in which the families live influences their life through customs, habits and cultural traditions, but also through laws and regulations.

Throughout the years, CIAI’s interventions have focused on four main themes, in which our association has strengthened its competence and impact. These themes are:

  • Education
  • Health- nutrition
  • Protection
  • Participation

In each country these themes may be more or less developed, according to the particular needs of the local context, the opportunities and our ability to intervene.