According to CIAI, assigning a child to his aspiring mum and dad is not enough. What is needed is to find the best suitable family for each child who finds himself in actual abandonment circumstances and for whom any attempt to reintegrate him in his natural, extended or natural adoptive family in his home Country has failed. When it comes down to adoption, the child is always the heart of the matter: he is both the starting and the arrival point, together with his welcoming family, that represents his only resource and his one and only possible alternative to a life in an institute.
Our working method is described in the “Service Card / Inter-Country Adoption” (“Carta di servizi/Adozione Internazionale”).

The inter-country adoption scenario has radically changed during the past few years even in what concerns children whose problems have been previously highlighted by their Countries: they are often grown-up children that present health issues or whose siblings- joined adoption has already been suggested. They are the so-called children with special needs who, more than any other child, need a family and more attention from their future parents.
Italy is the European Country most involved in the children with special needs category adoption: children in custody of Italian families are 6 years old on the average, whereas the average age in other European Countries in lower (figures available at

With a 45-plus-year experience, CIAI has been guaranteeing a wide range of extra training courses for couples, in order to protect both the child and meeting the family requirements.
With regards to children arriving today in Italy, it is clear that new aspiring foster parents need to have that extra oomph, as they have to be ready to pandering to their child and especially to being prepared to life with him, once they will have come back to Italy. That is the very moment from which adoption starts, and will then go on as children grow up and create their own family with their own sons.
That’s why CIAI will always be at the side of these family, from that moment on, by offering training and extra support family-oriented courses.
Training courses over the adoption topic take place all-year in Milan and in the other CIAI headquarters.

During the past few years, the Inter-country Adoption Commission, in cooperation with the Enti Autorizzati (the official governmental authority that regulate the adoptive procedure in Italy), has been examining in depth all the costs for services that families are provided for both in Italy and abroad. Some parameters have been found, from which it is possible to establish the minimum and maximum actual costs that allow the adoption, conforming to the principles established in the Convention and to the ratification regulations in force.
All useful information is available at page “Costs”.