The Clinical Area is a clinic consulting service that CIAI provides with – since about 10 years – to support all the adoptive families which encounter some difficulties and look after for assistance.
To whom it concerns: the sole requirement to comply with the Clinical Area of CIAI is being an adoptive family irrespectively from Organization in charge of the adoption and from the fact that is a national or international adoption.
The availability of this activity is on a volunteer basis, on request and subject to charges.
The service deals with the following situations:

  1. individual emotional /psychological disease of adoptive children;
  2. symptomatic behaviors of adoptive children;
  3. educational difficulties of adoptive parents;
  4.  school problems of adoptive children;
  5. relational difficulties of adoptive children within their age group;
  6. relational difficulties between parents and adoptive children;
  7. relational and behavioral problems of children linked with adolescence;
  8. problems of physical and verbal aggressiveness of adoptive children;
  9. difficulties on acceptance of their own ethnical and somatic diversity;
  10. handling of post-traumatic effect coming from pre-adoptive experiences particularly painful;
  11. processing of all the main adoptive specific topics of individual (the personal pre-adoptive background, the loss of biological parents, etc.);

The service provided takes into consideration some different activities and therapeutic paths chosen on the basis of the reasons that move family’s individuals to the treatment of the children’s age and the seriousness of symptoms: parents only, parents and children on parallel paths, parents and children together, children only, team works for parents, team works for children.
The different typologies within our intervention scope are:

  1. individual on familiar psychotherapy;
  2. educational psychology advice;
  3. individual psychological support;
  4. adoptive parenting support;
  5. support in order to achieve a deeper familiar communications on the adoptive-specific topics;
  6. diagnosis and treatment of learning deficiencies;
  7. psycho-motion;
  8. personalized programs preparing the return to the native land.

The team, coordinated by Doctor Gregorio Mazzonis, is interdisciplinary, working since 10 years within the CIAI and it is made-up of different individual expertizes of adoptional issues: psychologist/psychotherapist, psycho-motion therapist, psychologist skilled on learning problems.

To access these services and to benefit from the activities. The parent/parents has/have to stand a preliminary surveying interview with the coordinator. During the interview, it is analyzed the needs of the parent/parents and then a first interventional plan is sketched which might be changed in due course.