When the adopted child is welcomed by the family, the reality , first only imagined and desired, becomes real and the most important and delicate phase of the adoption begins.

As Ciai believes in the importance of a strong relationship between child and adoptive parents from the first moment, it is engaged to be present constantly near families through specific activities adapted to resources and needs that every family has got. Ciai drives parents and children toward an happy path of growth.

As every adoptive family has got similar and different needs at the same time. Ciai, thanks to the experience earned in more than 40 years in international adoption, has developed and constantly reworks and enriches, post adoption services that offer a flexible and efficient support lifelong.
Post-adoptive services are made for all adoptive families, even if they didn’t adopt with CIAI but with other entities or with national adoption.
Ciai likes accompanying and supporting activities to the families, in terms of post-adoptive obligations prescribed by regulations of the native countries of the children and with the possibility to relate and reflect about the issues linked to the adoption.

Ciai has activated a clinic area for who is facing a situation of crisis and difficulties. It’s a specialist service consulting and psychotherapy for adoptive families. Ciai developed this service 10 years ago and it helps all adoptive families which need some help.
Conscious of the importance of the relationship between the child and his native country, Ciai organizes return trips in many countries. The experience of the return trip was repeated many times, in Korea, India, Ethiopia and Columbia. During the years the attention toward the training of the participants to the trip and their support first, during and after it, has always grown.

The opportunities of deepening about different aspects of adoption are many and differentiated. Ciai organizes seminars and training courses in its offices or in public and private places that show interest in these thematic. Examples are reflection moments and study addressed to couple waiting for an adoptive child, adoptive parents and adopted children, psycho-social workers , teachers and educators.