The steps of adoption
The activities put in place by the International Adoption Sector (SAI) of CIAI could be summed up as follows

1. Informative activity (INFO)

It concern the aspiring couples that would like to receive specific information on the adoptive procedures, on the services offered by the organization and also on the up-to-dated situation dealing with the International Adoption in al the countries where CIAI works.

2. Training class to prepare the International Adoption (CLASS)

It refers to the aspiring couples. It is a chance to promote the comparison with professional expert and other aspiring parents sharing the same project. The aim is stimulating the couple to analyze their own reasons, the resources and weak points by suggesting an approach both cognitive and emotional;

3. Survey on real possibilities of adoption (INTERVIEW)
Meeting s with psychologist for the parents already authorized by the Jouvenile Court to proceed with the adoption, in order to analyze the reciprocal acquaintance thoroughly by comparing the resources and economic availabilities of the couple with the requirements and needs declared by the Authority of Countries on the age, the number of minors, the state of health and the back-ground of children.
4. Acceptance of the couples’ request (MANDATE)
It refers to all the couples choosing to appoint CIAI as partners organizing the adoption. As of the signing of the mandate, the couple will be taken into consideration for a proposal of adoption. Based on the agreement reached jointly with the expertise individual during the analysis of real possibilities of adoption.
5. Activity of assistance accompanying and support to realize the adoption (AID)
This activity deals with the assistance to the couples for all the bureaucratic course, form the support to the wait, for the choice of the Country, for the coupling with the child, for the completion of all the legal course up to the realization of the adoption. The couples which decide for an adoption abroad can be supported by CIAI: a referent is present in every single foreign country to support the couple on the administrative, procedural, logistic, cultural and psychologic issues.
6. In-depth study on the child recommended for the adoption
The activity deals with the collection of all the information available, by the Foreign Authority about the child recommended for the adoption. On the basis of these information, both abroad and in Italy, it starts and in-depth study process, conducted by a team of doctors and psychologist which aims is to build a more complete scheme of the child, on the health state and back-ground. When it is possible, the activity takes into consideration a psychologic training phase of the child.