Being sponsor to a child with CIAI means giving him the chance to get proper education, health support, basic feeding and special help, if needed.
It means being part of a child’s life through his growth, even physically far from him.
The principle of Child Sponsorship is the child living and growing in his family and in his home country, when possible. Child Sponsorship is involved in cooperative development projects with local partners in India, Vietnam, Cambogia, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia

Donation Needed
The amount for the activation of a child sponsorship is 310 € per Year. It is possible to pay every six months or monthly (SEPA)

Child Sponsorship follows the child through his education. In order to give concreteness to our interventions, it is better to give constant support. However, this is not a obligation but a choice. You can stop in any moment the donation, by giving us prompt communication.

What do you get
Once subscribed, you will receive:

  • Picture of the child
  • His fact sheet (Age, Name, Country, etc.)
  • Informations about the project he is involved.

At least once a year you will receive a new picture and an update (a letter, a drawing or his report card). Every 3 months you will receive our magazine “Albero Verde”, with updates on all the projects sustained by CIAI

What does the child receive
The child supported by the sponsorship is guaranteed to receive education (educational supply), healthcare (periodic medical examination), food, play, sport, support to his family, school and community.

Mail and Travel
You can write to the children you sponsor sending the communications to CIAI, following the instructions that Child Sponsorship office will give you. Read the FAQ
Once a year CIAI arranges a travel, rotating beetween different countries, to meet the child sponsored, his world and his environment.