Free donation
With a donation, a business or a foundation, can support a campaign, CIAI’s activities, or chose a specific project to support.
Businesses can decide to start directly a sponsorship in favor of one or more children or to involve their stakeholder. Also the employees can be involved in the start of a new sponsorship, in group or on their own. This activity helps developing solidarity and team thinking within the employees (Casa history: Telecom Italia, STMicroelectronic).

Cause Related Marketing
The business associates the cause, a campaign or a CIAI’s project to a product/a products or services line and the donation is linked to sells. Consumers are involved in the project because every purchase creates a donation. The initiative is transmitted with packaging, in the store and with specific communication’s campaigns.
Collection of points and fidelity programs
Within fidelity programs’ initiatives, the business can offer its clients the possibility to transform the collected points in a donation for a project. Few points are sufficient to a vaccination for a child, a school kit or a mosquito net. So, clients are the actors of the business’s solidarity action.

Employees’ involvement
The business can decide to support a cause or a CIAI’s project involving their employees. Ways are different: a donation’s program hold in the pay slip, the organization of intern fundraising initiatives (charity dinners, auctions, business markets, etc.), involving directly employees in voluntary work’s activities.

Sponsorship, promotion and events
The business supports CIAI’s campaigns, local demonstrations and national events with technical, logistic, economic or even promotional support. It can be a new communication, public relations and brand awareness opportunity.

Christmas initiatives
Feast days are perfect occasions for the businesses to prove their task in the social responsibility.
There are different proposals: to replace Christmas presents with a donation for CIAI ( CIAI will release a Christmas thanks letter for business partners, clients and suppliers) or to choose for traditional or digital Christmas cards, table or wall calendars, freebies from “Il cioccolato che fa bene -Chocolate who does good-”’s initiative or chose for CIAI’s ethical presents