We take care of any child who is alone with professionalism and love, as if it were our own


A world in which no child feels alone any longer and each one can grow up happily.


We are restating our guiding principles today to reaffirm our commitment to children and to the community, to make sure no child is left alone

1 Solitude is the biggest problem
We have learned that the worst thing for a child, even more than for another human being, is solitude, not being able to count on anyone.

2 Our solution is caring and bonds
Taking effective care of a solitary child essentially means listening and rebuilding bonds. Bonds with the family, with school, with the community, with the world.

3 Love and professionalism are the vital ingredients
Rebuilding strong and lasting bonds requires great passion and professionalism, plus a healthy dose of optimism.

4 Welcoming difference is in our DNA
We believe that diversity is a source of riches for us all and that tolerance and acceptance is a fundamental value.

5 Respect for human rights is our guiding principle
Every child has basic rights. To defend them is the duty of everyon

6 Ethics and transparency are key to everything we do.
We have always taken great care to report our work thoroughly because transparency and honesty are the basis of every relationship.

7 We never stop learning
We learn from our successes, and even more from our mistakes, always seeking solutions to new challenges.

8 The happiness of every child is our final goal
We have the happiness of every child at heart and in each case we do everything possible to achieve it, just as through the child were our own.