When the adoptive children grow up

The phase were “the chickens coming home to the roost”: thus defined for the adoptive person when it comes the adulthood.

With the physiological reshaping of the parent’s role (second lead and testimony of the adoptive experience in the childhood and in the adolescence), the adoptive child can feel more the need to face and relate to someone that have experienced the same adoptive situation.

For that reason , thanks from the initiative of some adopted children already of full age, in 2001 have been constructed as part of the CIAI the GAA (gruppoadottiviadulti). The main objective is to provide a space , physical and mental, of where is possible to freely express their own personal experience of adoption, where they can grow and, sometimes, find mutual support with someone that have already feel their same emotions, fear and dreams. The reflexion, the dialogue and the group comparison that offered furthermore the possibility of “reconstruct” and “work” their own story and their own identity.

During those years, with the support of the Dr. Marco Chistolini (scientific responsible CIAI) the comparison have been in some crucial aspects of the life of a child like: the relation with the adoptive family, the relation with the ethnic origin, the return journey in the country of origin, the relation with their own personal story, the relation with their partner and their role as a parent.