CIAI work for guarantee to every vulnerable child a proper psychological and emotional development, so that it can grow peaceful inside a family background social and welcoming and careful of his needs. At the same time provide an support to the families also in collaboration with the services of the local institutions.

The intervention are flexible and calibrated, designed on the characteristics of the single experience and realized more close as possible to the specific needs of the people.
The support measures differ in purpose and duration but, in principle are:

  • Psychological counseling, in response to a specific difficulty that require a timely and defined intervention over time and that have taken to a disequilibrium in the single or in the domestic system.
  • Psychotherapy, structured paths directed to the domestic system or to the individual components of the family are proposed as a result of the valuation of the individual operating and relational and have objective and a variable duration in relation to the level of malaise and to the available resources in the system.
  • Comparator groups, activities that promote peer comparisons (families or children) in groups, with the conduction of a psychologist that will geared towards the topics covered, by facilitating the confrontation, the expression experienced and the emotions.