Sensitise, formation, provide opportunities and comparison: with this goals CIAI promote on their premises moments of meetings opened to every adoptive family and to the people interested in the thematic. Moment like that are also the occasion to spread of a culture of adoption based on the respect and the welfare on the child adopted and on his family.

  • Seminars, paths of follow-up on specifics themes and moments of exchanges usually addressed to the families, psycho-social operators, teachers, institutions. Touching the various topics of the adoption, from the welcoming of the child to the adoption of the children with particular needs, from the integration into the school environment to the ethnic differences, from the relationship with the siblings to the adolescence, from their relation with their origin to the adulthood. Are conducted by a psychologist and almost always they include an intervention from a testimony.
  • Training courses, provide useful theoretical and methodological contributions for the support of the adoptive family in the different stages of the life cycle. The working arrangements proposed is active: training, role playing and the discussion of the cases. Conducted by psychosocial operators, teachers and educators committed in the adoption sector. The teachers of the courses are professionals and experts of the adoption.