Karuvadikuppam, Puducherry, India

Direct beneficiaries
120 children

For an Indian family – especially if belonging to the poorest social class or living in a rural village – having a child with a disability is difficult to accept. The social stigma attached to such children is strong and not even schools manage to be inclusive places for them. School staff’s lack of training, in addition to social, caste-related and architectural barriers, results in these children not being able to enjoy their rights, excluding them from an early age.
Satya Special School, in Puducherry, was founded with a view to providing disabled children with adequate infrastructure and staff.

CIAI supports and cooperates with this special educational experience that promotes inclusion, showing affection and competence and thus enabling a different, better childhood.

What we want to achieve
Children who are encouraged and not discriminated against or abandoned.
Children who are guided through development and rehabilitation by trained staff.
Children who are cared for by families who understand disability.

What we do
We rehabilitate children by following treatment plans.
We help children acquire new abilities and become autonomous.
We train family members to help children continue their exercises at home.
We add music therapy and sport to traditional weekly treatments.
We try to follow children case by case, by taking note of individual progress and signals of inclusion within the community.
We train children’s entertainers by imparting skills related to the treatment of disabilities through workshops, simulations and direct experience.
We organise social inclusion workshops for families and children.
We organise street performances to sensitise the community, involving entertainers, parents and children.

Satya Special School (Puducherry)