Gamo Gofa Zone, Ethiopia

Direct beneficiaries
3,500 students aged between 6 and 18 years
8,000 community members
3,000 users of 80 health centres

The Gamo Gofa Zone is one of the remotest areas in Ethiopia. The mountains, with peaks as high as 4,200 metres, make it a region that is isolated from the rest of the country and particularly difficult to reach.

In these areas there still is no birth registration system.

This contributes to a worsening of the vulnerability of children, who – without a real recognition of their age and identity – are more exposed to abuse and child exploitation.

From CIAI’s perspective, naming invisible children is a first step towards not leaving them alone.

What we want to achieve
Visible children, who have a definite identity and can enjoy their rights.

Families who are aware of the importance of birth registration and are given the opportunity to do it.

Sensitised communities that play an active role in the process.

Institutions which are supported in the dissemination of a positive culture of recognised identities.

What we do
Establishment of a mobile registration unit to be used in the most isolated villages.
Organisation of a Registration Day at 50 community meeting places, such as schools, health centres and churches.
Training of community members who will be able to take on the task of birth registration.
Creation of an information point at all 80 health centres in Kebele and Woreda.
Organisation of awareness-raising and training sessions for headteachers and health operators.
Development and wide dissemination of the communication campaign “Let’s register”.