Provide a thriving family and social environment that allows a bold psychological and emotional development.
Stand by children who have suffered trauma and abuse or those who face cultural and educational poverty to regain trust and self-consciousness.

In Italy we work for vulnerable children, children who are neglected, who are at risk of dropping out of school and becoming marginalized. Also in Italy we work so that no child is left alone.

Our effort to face these issues is also a commitment to the development of Italy, a country which cannot afford any longer to waste away such a huge potential. Now that we are witnessing a strain in young people’s relationship with school and a lack of motivation to study, TU6scuola is a project to sustain education targeting secondary school pupils. With workshops and activities that encourage their engagement, youngsters are helped to become protagonist of their schooling and build a new vision of their futures.
Piccoli che valgono is a similar program aimed to primary school children.


#TU6SCUOLA go to Tu6scuola site – Italian version only available
PICCOLI CHE VALGONO Worthy children – Italian version only available