There are many ways to generate a change in children’s lives.

Free grants or in kind donations
With a cash or gifts donation, a company or a foundation can support a campaign, CIAI activities, or a specific project.
It’s only because of socially responsible partners that we manage to develop significant initiatives and to sensitise the general public through our campaigns.

Collection of points and fidelity programs
In fidelity programs, the company can offer its clients the opportunity to convert their accumulated points into a donation for a project. It only takes a few points to guarantee a child a vaccination, a school kit or a desk and a chair. The clients can become active participants of the solidarity gesture of the company.

Sponsorship, promotion, events
Events are an important moment to promote our work. Charity dinners, auctions, photo exhibitions, concerts, theatre performances besides being a good channel to raise funds, are also a means of visibility for the company.

Employees’ involvement
The company can decide to involve its own employees through payroll giving, organization of internal fund-raising activities or their direct involvement in voluntary activities.

Sponsorship in the company
It is an opportunity for the employees to support a child from afar, organising groups of colleagues and dividing the fee among them. To learn more go on the website.

Christmas initiatives
Holidays are an excellent opportunity for the companies to testify its social commitment. You can involve your company choosing business gifts or replacing them with a donation for a project. Greeting cards, calendars, food, solidal presents in order to convert the support of your company into a concrete help for our children. Looking to Christmas with the eyes of children.