With a bequest in support of CIAI, you can guarantee a better future to manychildren.

It is not true that just great poets, writers, musicians are worthy to be remembered. Anyone can make choices which remain in other people’s lives and memories. A bequest in support of CIAI means guaranteeing a better future to many children who live today in conditions of poverty or discomfort and being remembered for an important gesture.
Bequests do not take anything from your heirs but give a better future to many children: they can turn into, for instance, the construction of a school in Burkina Faso, microcredit schemes for mothers in need or the realization of a well in Ethiopia.

You can contact Simona Molteni at +039 02.84844438 or simona.molteni@ciai.it.

In memory

A donation in memory means remembering a love done through the smiles of children.
Families will receive a custom letter which will inform them about your precious gesture of solidarity.
You can choose to donate individually or with a group of friends.
Write to daniela.antonini@ciai.it