We take care of each child with the same professionalism and love as if it were our own.


We want a world in which no child feels alone any longer and each one can grow up happily.

In 1968 a group of families undertook the experience of international adoption and set up an association to promote and divulge its meaning: CIAI.
Today, among the many NGOs that take care of children, we in CIAI stand apart for our unique approach: every child is like our own.
The parental matrix, founded on the direct experience of children’s vulnerability, is the root of all our actions.

Acting like a parent – whether in adoption or development projects – for us means looking after every child as we would(look after) do for a son or daughter.
It is a bold vision of their needs which translates into specific actions focused not only on children, but also on the three strategic actors who – only together – activate a dynamic of change: family, community, institutions

This model triggers decisive virtuous effects that can break the circle of solitude and move us towards the goal of “no children left alone.”

Goals and experience

“50 years of international adoption have taught us that
any child in the world might be our own.
We know that it is possible to love a child exactly
as one loves one’s own offspring.
We have witnessed the need for respect, attention,
listening and care in our own children.
The work of CIAI, still today,
takes strength from this experience.”

Liliana Gualandi,
Founder CIAI

CIAI, Italian Center for Childhood Aid, is the Third Sector Organization, Organization of
OSC Civil Society and Authorized Body for International Adoptions.