Abroad as in Italy CIAI realizes many of its projects with other organizations, local or foreign.

These collaborations are essential to know and interpret the real needs, achieve the objectives and evaluate the impact of their work.



BURKINA FASO GTV – VAPCR – Ministry of National Education and Literacy – Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education – DRFSNF, Regional Directorate of Women, National Solidarity and Family – Provincial Directorate of National Education – District of Education of base Sabou 1, Sabou 2 and Thyou – Muninces of Sabou and Thyou – Divine Grace Association – Sabou Health District – TAMAT – InterlifeOnlus – Socialis – University of Brescia – APRM Association for the promotion of the rural world – CN / AEJTB, National Coordination of the associations of the children and young workers of Burkina- APROJES, Association for the promotion of youth of Sanguie – DREPPNF, Regional Directorate of National Education – DRFPTSS, Regional Directorate of Public Administration, Labor and Social Protection – MJDHCP, Ministry of justice and human rights and civi promotion ca.

CAMBODIA Intervita – MoH – Mipad – Magna Chldren at Risk – New Humanity – Tlaitno, Association of Artists

COLOMBIA Fondaciòn Proyecto Uniòn

IVORY COAST IEP – COGES – Interlife – ANADER – DGIE – SOS Migration Clandestine – Ministry for the Promotion of Women, Families and Children – DDE-CI – Foyer Don Bosco Abidjan – MESAD

ETHIOPIA CCM – University of Turin – University of Rome – LetWomen – LaFO – GGDA

INDIA Sathya School

ITALY SEND – Soc. Coop. soc.Libera … mente – CESIE, Cultural Association NOTTEDORO onlus – Municipality of Palermo, Department of Social Citizenship – Santa Chiara Association – C.P.I.A. Palermo 1